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Joypad iphone and ipad support added to Lars!

Version 1.0.7 of Lars! Super Action Danger Lizard now supports the iOS version of the Joypad virtual controller. Now you can play on your iPad and control from an iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s like playing a true console platformer on your iDevice.

And Lars! has the distinction of being the first true iPhone game to use the Joypad, though it likely won’t hold that notable title for long as many more very good games are lining up to support this neat feature.

Icarus News

Lars! Super Action Danger Lizard UPDATE ver1.0.5

The latest verison of Lars! is now live on the App Store. It brings many user-requested additions, including:

+ Rolling animation for coconuts and boulders. Helps to identify when they’re rolling quickly enough to hurt things.

+ All new text panel system. No more sudden text boxes popping up in the middle of the action. Now all info boxes take the form of a glowing question mark icon. If you want to skip the text, just jump over them.

+ Action is also paused while info boxes are active. Nothing will sneak up on you while you read.

+ Control pad and jump button are now simple outlines to keep the game screen cleaner.

+ Collision between coconuts and Lizard Lars has been tweaked so you won’t get hurt as often by a coconut that’s just sitting there on a ledge. Was very annoying.

+ Finally… Widescreen Mode for iPod/iPhone is now available. Some of you saw a glimpse of it in 1.0.3, but it’s now available to all and is now the default zoom ratio. You can now see more of the level at a time, and the 1.0 ratio means the pixel art is as crisp as the iPad version. This comes at the cost of some speed for older devices such as the 3G. But if you find it’s too slow to play, you can switch back to normal Fullscreen mode in the options.

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